Phillip Burkhalter Builders, LLC

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Welcome to Phillip Burkhalter Builders, LLC

Phillip Burkhalter Builders, LLC is based in Rome, GA and serves the Northwest Georgia area. We are committed to maintaining a reputation for quality, craftsmanship, design and value. It is our mission to achieve excellence in the building industry. We strive for this by adhering to four basic principles:

  1. By cultivating relationships with our customers, employees, sub-contractors and vendors.
  2. By providing the best value possible to our customers.
  3. By participating in trade associations to continue our professional growth and keep in step with our ever changing business.
  4. And finally by investing in quality of life through community service.

Services Offered

General Contracting

We typically become involved in these type projects after the planning and design phase has been completed.  We become involved either through competitive bid, negotiated amount or cost plus a set fee basis.  A large percentage of our work is negotiated projects that come to us through referrals.


We typically become involved in these projects at conception and use our experience and expertise to assist our customers in developing their project to best facilitate their individual needs.  We have trusted architects and engineers approve all changes in both structure and design. Your satisfaction with quality of our work is our top priority.


These type projects have their own unique challenges.  We have extensive experience in these type projects.  Our in house carpenters and craftsman are all trained to be sensitive to the customers’ needs and property.  These projects are usually performed on a lump sum basis that is agreed upon before the project starts.  We strive to investigate a project thoroughly before the contract is signed to minimize cost over runs from unforeseen conditions.  Typically, the only changes in our contract are initiated by customer revisions.

Handy-man Services

Our in house craftsmen also enable us to offer a wide range of handy-man services.  We specialize in converting homes for barrier free living for the disabled and seniors.  We can also assist businesses with becoming ADA compliant.  We can perform these projects on an hourly or lump sum basis.